Friday, December 01, 2006

coffee swap!

Sooo, for the coffee swap there was a contest about your favorite place to get coffee. Mine is at home, generally in bed with my husband. As much as I begged, he was not game for the photo of that. Kinda funny, since I am sure I have much worse morning bed head then he does -- but I do respect our privacy.

So here is a photo of our morning coffee this morning, in our favorite mugs, and the tote from the little indie shop where I buy our coffee. The blue and black mug I made in ceramic in college - that is Bill's cup. I get the "wake up sunshine" -- its not spelled quite right, but then it never is!

The tote says "Boulder invented the organic half skim (skinny) soy milk half calf (schizo) double dry ristretto fair-trade shade-grown green chai mate cappuccino." Which pretty much sums up Boulder, but damn if they don't have good coffee there -- and I am all about the little indie places. The back of the bag list all the indie coffee shops in Boulder. I think this is a great idea and maybe some of the other indie owners in other places could band together and support each other, plus the tote is a great grocery bag -- when not used to tote yarn around.

Well, I am not sure if this will count as my entry - but there you go!
Have a nice and well caffinated weekend!


Rachel said...

my sister lives in Boulder..
Or steamboat springs
or somewhere
i am sooooo lalalala
Hope all is well

Knittymama said...

Oh, I want that tote! Indie coffee shops are the best. We've got some great ones in Minneapolis too.