Saturday, May 31, 2008

There has been knitting...

Its just camera shy! I did pin down these two skull hats that were knit last week. They were really fun to whip out. One is for a friend - the other will go to the Grandbaby for his third birthday in October. As soon as I can pin down the other knitting, I will post it here!
Happy Knitting!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


There has been knitting - but it also been really busy around the sunneshine household. I have been trying to blog these photos for four days now... We had a nice quick camping trip in Rocky Mountain National Park - it looks colder then it was. The scenery on the hike was stunning!

There will be knitting soon!
Happy Knitting!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

KnittingKnut is amazing

First and most importnatly, Thank You Cheryl for the amazing PRGE package!!! It arrived on Monday and I do apologize for not getting this posted sooner!!! It had so many amazing things in the box, a couple didn't make the picture... There is a wonderful sock pattern that I started at work and some Iron Godess Tea that is in the kitchen, I have been enjoying it. There is also some wonderful Lorna's Laces sock yarn, and Yarn Pirate sock yarn - both in beautiful colors that I don't have socks in yet - there were bamboo dpn's in two sizes - an awesome tiny bamboo crochet hook (for picking up those stitches that I drop), some cool knitting jewelry, a cycling mag and cycling glove keychain (mr.sunneshine was sure those were for him and has already run off with them :) And a beautiful project bag from Mama Monkey - every part of the bag is well thought out and the details are amazing, I will treasure it!! Thank You Cheryl - you really spoiled me and I appreciate it!!!

There hasn't been much knitting lately - we had 6 tons of flagstone delivered last Friday. We did get it all moved and laid Friday. Now between the rain storms, we are trying to get the stones set and the plants planted. It has been a long process - but its starting to look really good! This photo is from Friday afternoon - I will try to update with a finished picture on Sunday. Unfortunately, early on Friday, I had a 200 pound flagstone smash my right hand - it was tolerable for a while, but lately has been getting much worse lately, so I go in to see a doctor on Monday - the upside, I can still knit - its the typing that is difficult!!

THanks Again Cheryl!!
Happy Knitting!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Show and tell...

So all the projects that were started last week are finishing up. The Gluttony Socks (from WoolGirls 7 deadly spins club) are done and I love them - I plan to adapt this pattern to other left over sock yarn that I have.

The undulating rib socks from stash yarn and pattern from the Favorite Socks book - are done. I did drop the needle size for gauge, so the pattern doesn't show up as well - but I love the socks.

There is a hemp bag that I made from stashed Hemp yarn - based on the Shop Till You Drop
Bag - is done - I wanted a small bag for quick grocery trips - we'll see how it wears. I have an idea that I am going to work on for Christmas gifts...

And finally, there are the Rockin Socks Club socks that I have completed one sock... I hate the heel, but love the front of the socks. I would have frogged these but my PRGE pal gave me some pretty green sock yarn and a Leaf sock pattern - so the next socks will be those. And these sock club socks will go on our two hike in camping trips this summer :)

The weather here is crazy - it snows every Thursday, then gets back to the 80's on Monday... Work is going really well - I switch to 4/10s next week, more knitting time... Found a wonderful house, think good thoughts!!

Happy KNitting!!