Monday, February 25, 2008

My time away...

So while I was away with my grandmother there were two overriding themes. Mittens and socks. Today, I am showing off my mittens.

The top two are my favorites. Both took a while, but I am so happy with how they came out! The first was an adaption of a sweater from The Art of Fair Isle Knitting. I really loved Eunny Jang's end paper mitts, but didn't care for the pattern (and couldn't get the charts to print), so I adapted the pattern with my Favorite Mittens book for hints.
Those turned out so well, I took some drops alpaca and adapted a chart from Latvian mittens into mitts. They feel like cashmere, and what doesn't go with black. These used a lot less yarn then I thought, so these colors will pop up again!

I was having so much fun talking to my grandma and knitting, that she decided she wanted some mittens. I let her pick the colors and pattern and we came up with a really traditional mitten shape with an EZ snowflake design and the backs were improvised. She looks so cute wearing them!

Then I was on a roll, and at the old job, I wore mitts constantly - so I made a handspun pair, a cabled pair for my mom, and the WCTP mittens just cuz I have wanted them for a long time. Now that I am back to working, the knitting has slowed down. But I love my job, and once I am settled, I know the time will come back!

Oh, and let me mention, as soon as I got on the good mitten roll - it warmed up in Colfax and there was no snow to shovel and really very little need for mitts or mittens. Now that I am home, its been the same. Although, I think the weatherman is going to cool it down for me a bit this week!

Okay, back to housework...
Happy Knitting!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Its been a small project week...

While getting acclimated at the new job, I have been working on small projects. Lots of baby hats! And it seems that I have lots of demand for them in my life right now. Most of them are fair isle made from the graphs in Latvian Mittens by Lisbeth Upitis and Lorna's Laces Shepard Worsted yarn and a size 5 needle. With just a couple hours work in each, they are so enjoyable!!

I started with two baby hats to finish up some yarn scraps while at my grandma's house. Now I am just enjoying the practice.

I am loving my new job! Learning a ton! The people that I work with (clients and co-workers) have been very welcoming! I still have a long way to go, but I really think it was a good move.

I just opened sign ups for PRGE! Its so enjoyable to think that I will have the time to do this - and knit - and craft - because I will only be working 40 hours a week. I am off to look at your blogs - my bloglines has over a thousand entries waiting - YIKES! I will probably just lurk, for now....

Happy Knitting!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm Back!!

I'm Back!! Its so good to be home, but it was a great trip! A little like going to knitting camp, since I can talk and knit. Mubs is doing so much better!! I am unpacking and its my first week of work - so this is short! But I leave you with a photo of the completed projects for the first week of my hiatus (on grandma's patterned carpet). There will be more about theses knit projects and those of the second week soon!

Oh, and PRGE sign ups open on Saturday, February 23rd, for anyone who is interested....

Happy Knitting!