Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today it rained...

Today it rained, and rained and rained! There was one 30 minute break... it never happens in Colorado that it rains like this. Its wonderful! This is our second day of steady rain.

I am unpacking my studio today. There is a lot to go through, but I should be done by the end of the day tomorrow, if the rain keeps up. It is nice in the studio while it is raining, good light, able to hear the drops hitting the house and seeing the puddles in the yard.

Went to an Outstanding in the Field Dinner with Britta on Saturday. The dinner was in a field where they had plowed under four rows of sweet corn. Food was amazing - dinner with 150 people, food fresh from the farm, great chef - it was so nice!!

It inspired me - now that we are at the garden time of year
where dinner can be dictated by what is fresh - we have started with wonderful salads, great fresh herbs in everything and it all tastes so good! Plus it is so nice to go to the store, looking for something to go with what is in our (old) yard. Looking forward to getting back to cooking for Girl's Dinners this fall!

There will be knitting soon!!
Happy Knitting!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look mom, finished knitting!!

Everything even has its ends woven in!!
So there has been knitting here! And I need a larger sock drawer!! It just seemed that during the moving - and currently the unpacking, smaller projects were more managable and so we have a basic pair of ribbed socks made out of Collinette Jitterbug, the Naive Socks from Spilly Jane made out of Mud Creek's beautiful handspun yarn (I loved knitting with this yarn - it was heaven in my hands and always beautiful to look at the delicately plied colors - plus the finished socks are matchingly unmatched - which I love!), the monkey socks in a longer length which worked beautifully with Tiny Toes from Interlacements and finally the Spectrum Scarf made with Malabrigo and Fino Alpaca - wish that I would have looked up the pattern on ravelry before I started, as there was a major correction - however it turned out well...

There is knitting on the needles right now - orange socks that are being knit during the Olympics (I will admit there has been more watching then knitting during the watching lately) - one more Spectrum Scarf for me - and still my sweater that I will get back to next week...
Right now the studio is done, but I have not had time to really move in, so maybe this weekend....

Happy Knitting!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

And we're back...

And we're back! There is DSL, the great sort and put away is still going on - but the house is livable and I have no illusions that it will take until at least Christmas for us to really be settled. And even longer to get the furniture that we want and have the art hung on the walls that make us love it. Right now, it is nice to sleep in the new house, have a place of our own and think about how we want our life to look and flow with the house - and to have an air conditioner in the bedroom!

I worked the Mile High Music Festival a couple weeks ago. This was what The Dave Matthews Band would have seen from the stage mid-show. I don't know how many people were there, but it was amazing to me to not be able to see the end of the crowd!

There are socks soaking in Eucalan, I will photograph them soon. Yarn that has arrived and socks that are close to being off the needles. I will post all of those this week. Also, the PRGE sign ups have opened for PRGE v.4. Now that I have (or almost have - the workers should be done in the studio this week) a dedicated knitting space. It is time to get back to PRGE - to spoiling - and to dedicated knitting time.

Happy KNitting!!