Monday, December 04, 2006

the indulgent hat, charity knitting, and a rant!

So these little guys are my charity hats for the season - I did them with two handed fair-isle knitting, I would not have put them up but the colors worked out so well, I am enjoying looking at them. I really wanted to practice my two handed knitting and this time the tension really worked out for me :) Plus, it gives me just one second to jump on a soap box and say that I am very proud to be a knitter because of all the charity knitting that goes on. Everyone has their cause, does their thing, but it is nice to see that people with talent give to those who are in need. And there is nothing in this to make anyone feel badly - it seems that when we can, we do - not every cause, not every time, just when it is heartfelt. These hats are going to knit for the homeless tomorrow morning. It has been really cold here - so there will be four people with a warmer heads!

So to balance out the charity hat, there is the hat of ultimate indulgence! I bought this cashmere on sale at PurlSoHo last year and it has been sitting in my stash calling out to me since then, It has gotten so cold here - unusually cold and I was wishing for a black hat, when I found this pattern on line and fell in love. I figured there was no better time then now. This was thursday and we were leaving for our tree hunting expedition on sunday, plenty of time. I finished it on saturday morning, just in time to wear to work! I love it - it fits perfectly - it is basic black - so it goes with everything - its cute and its warm, what could be better!! (More on tree hunting later . . .)

Finally, the promised rant! So, we get our first christmas card of the season on saturday - and it was address to Bill Meyer!! Not Sunne and Bill, not the Meyers, the Meyer Family - AHHHH! And this is one of Bill's good friends - we have to go to her little brother's wedding in January and I am petty, but still pissed that I wasn't referenced on the card! This is our fifth christmas together (although for two Bill was in Antarctica) so its not like I am a new addition!! Ahhh! Cranky!!
Phew, much better now -- thanks for listening!


KnitXcorE said...

cashmere! how fancy!!! The fari isle looks fab! <3333

metal and knit said...

Well I use the attitude of whats a few balls of my left over to help someone else. My next project for charity is bed socks fro the womens Prison who due to OH&S cannot have any electric blankets, heaters or close the windows on the old cold stone building they are in. I can get belo 0C there and snows sometimes so its cheaper than a tax payer oaying medical bills. You might like to try the soaring eagles projecty I have worked for as well they need beanies for kids asap.

Lana said...

Very cute hats. The top photo of hats match your blog. LOL!