Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dye day!

Today A & B came over for dye day! It was all trial and error but we did well! Not a bad piece in the group!

We did lots of different shibori-esque folds. Some with lots of string, others with less, some loose, some tight. All kinds of cool patterns came out of the pot.

We decided at the end, there didn't seem to be a difference between the 15 minutes soaks and the longer soaks. Even the strings that wrapped our pieces  tyed up beautifully.

I did mostly Eco cotton bags but there was about 25 yards of yarn. A brought a large fabric piece destined to become a table cloth. B brought an apron. 

So fun to see how all the pieces dyed. We did the large fabric piece twice. There was a great lunch provided by A. Of course, Roscoe helped...

Next up, dying with beets...