Saturday, December 09, 2006

the punk tree is up . ..

I am so very excited - after a long day yesterday, of spray painting clear christmas balls, then spraying them with
spray adhesive and dipping them in glitter and then sealing them with polyurathane (not sure on the spelling of that one!) The punk trees are up in both sunneshine stores! The black on the silver trees looks great! You do have to look closely to see the skulls on the christmas balls and the necklaces hanging from the trees (and there are some black hearts on there for balance as well) So only those with a keen sense of observation will get it, but they are probably the only ones who deserve it, too!
And yes, the balls right below are the ones that I made - who says black isn't a christmas color!
Maybe there will be a knitting post next time!
Have a great weekend!


jules said...

I love your decorations!! How did you do the skull on the ornament???

DAWN said...

Great Tree!

Lana said...

I love that tree...really I do.
Oh, speaking of Punk Rock. I received your package in the mail, yesterday. I was out and about and completely forgot to show a photo of all the Stitch Markers. Those are wonderful. I am in love with the skull ones. LOL!

Thank you so very much. I do believe I have favorite markers now. LOL!

sunshyne said...

Love it! totally awesome!

KnitXcorE said...

they look gr8! you rock!

Obsidian Kitten said...

omg, you are SOOOOO frakkin cool! gorgeous and fabulous

spouse & i were toying with the idea of doing a punk/bondage tree this year...decorated with chain garland, little studded leather decorations...and get little elf decorations and paint all their hats and costumes black. HAW! (some of them might even get little black masks and hoods, muahahha!)

but i'm too lazy. next year, though...

roxtarchicknits said...

i love your balls... all those punk rock balls.... the skully balls... the black sparkly balls... youre just sooo d!mn cool i cant STAND IT!!!!

xox ;)