Friday, December 22, 2006

digging out - p3

And here we have little Jim, modeling his blue alpaca hat while shoveling out the neighbors house. It was supposed to
be a christmas hat - but I just couldn't wait to give it to him!! And here is mr. sunneshine again digging out a path to the back gate and the carriage house - although our tenant back there is (hopefully) in Guatemala for the holidays with his family.
Then we had the cone-head plant pot - which for some reason after lots of shoveling gave us both the giggles!
And how pretty is this drift off the carriage house roof!

1 comment:

roxtarchic said...

oh your po po hubby w/all that shoveling... i feel for him, i cracked up over the plant pic too... funny's funny

hope you're keeping warm now (and that you guys continue to keep all the snow away from us) heheh