Friday, December 22, 2006

digging out - the last installment

So today the sun is shinning and the snow is beginning to melt. There are mounds of snow everywhere - this is the view out the front door of my work - the mounds are almost as tall as the cars - I am sure the front end loaders will be here soon to scoop it away! It really is pretty, though . . .

So while I did not get the second lace repeat finished, I did get a bunch of work done on my hush, hush dress and I
finished these hats. The little one is for our neighbor who just had a little girl and the big one is for me out of some bulky handspun that is made here locally. I only had 88 yards, plus it was a little scratchy, so I combined it with some beautiful alpaca with a twist bulky and whipped this sucker up on a set of 15s in just over an hour. It is heavy and warm and the alpaca definately took a lot of the scratch out - plus it is kinda big for me, so that helps too! So my hat is now called the blizzard of '06 hat!

We are off to pick my dad up tonight - I am hearing airport horror stories - so wish us luck!
Have a great couple days!! Hopefully, I will be too busy to post till Sunday evening . . .

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Obsidian Kitten said...

great hats!

i wish we had some snow. we're having this weird 30-40ish weather, with rain--very strange for Michigan. the ground hasn't even frozen yet, and no real snow since early October!