Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanks Piper!!

My sp9 pal, Piper, just totally spoiled me! Thank you, Piper!! Let me describe it all to you - there is the beautiful purple box that it arrived in - I am a sucker for good packaging! Lotsa yummy chocolate (must start running again when all the snow melts), an organic lavender bath set - yummy - with lavender bath fizz and lavender foot soak ( working retail during the holidays, that will come in handy), a vanilla candle, a pedicure set (everything is better when your toes are done), a cute journal and Yarn Porn -- this beautiful brown yarn from Fearless Fibers, now I am going to have to knit socks!! There was also a postcard from Portland, which is either where she live (postmark too smudged to read) or where she would like me to think that she does . . .
Piper, thanks again!!

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