Monday, December 11, 2006

spoiled with coffee

Well, the coffee swap is over and here are the spoils - thanks to Jess!! There is the minnesota cup (she is from St. Paul) that will be going into the coffee cup rotation at home! A pound of wonderfully fragrant french roast coffee - my favorite! I am very excited about the coffee, especially since it is supposed to turn cold tonight and snow. Nothing is better then yummy warm coffee, knitting and snow. Two skeins of beautiful Atacama alpaca yarn - in blue/black - I love this yarn, but have never seen this color before, its beautiful!! Matching blue stitch markers, I can never have too many, and I am trying to banish all the plastic ones for cool ones, so this should help! Some wonderful chocolate in three different varieties - and I wonder why I run - there is chocolate with caramel, dark chocolate truffles and chocolate covered cashews, which my husband will be trying to steal (and they are great, I snuck one, but promise it won't ruin my dinner) and the card was so cute it is sitting between the truffles and the cashews. Thanks Jess!! The coffee swap was really fun - I look forward to doing it again in the spring!


Obsidian Kitten said...

chocolate, mmmm, coffee, mmmm, caramels and cashews, drool drool

ok, so what is it about us knitterly types with the chocolate and coffee obsession? coffee is the best knitting fuel

and that blue'n'black yarn is scrumptious!

Lana said... other addiction. I used to live near Seattle...the Starbucks coffee capital. LOL! Us Pacific NW-ers have coffee for blood in our veins. LOL!

Pretty blue yarn too. Knitting is an addiction too. Knitting and coffee. LOL!

Kathy said...

My coffee swap buddy gave me two skeins of that exact same yarn, which I too had never seen before. Isn't it gorgeous? Any ideas on what you plan to make with it -- I'm looking for ideas.