Saturday, December 30, 2006

6 weird things meme

I got tagged by Jana from Exile in Knitville so here it goes....

1. I am more comfortable wearing 12 pieces of clothing then two. If I can wear two sweaters a t-shirt, leggings, a skirt, scarf, and outerwear, it is a good day. Even when it is warm, I am trying to figure out how to get my layers on. The more clothing, the happier I am. Clothing is like art. So yes, I love it when its cold!!

2. My name is spelled Sunne and pronounced SUN. I will correct you twice, then you can call me whatever you please and I will no longer correct you. My biggest pet peve is when someone calls me by the right name for quite a while, then sees it spelled and changes the way they say it. I know where I know people from by the way they (mis) pronounce my name.

3. I used to be a professional bike racer and I get really tired of people asking me if I still ride my bike. My husband laughs that out of the plethora of bikes that I own, the only one that gets any love is my pink fat tire cruiser (which he decorated the basket of for our anniversary last year).

4. I consider the art on my walls to be my friends (in addition to my real human friends). When my husband suggests that we put some in storage and rotate the art, it makes me want to hyperventalate. We have art in every room, every where. On that same note, all the art in our house is original - no posters. It may not be great or expensive, but it was all made by a person who felt something while they were creating it.

5. I own a clothing store and I hate fashion shows. I would rather go to the dentist then sit through a fashion show -- I mean really, who looks like that? who wears clothes like that? The ones I would want to see in NY would be more for the art then the clothes. I would rather walk through New York and LA for my fashion cues.

6. I live in a city that has 300 days of sunshine a year and I miss Seattle and the rain. (OK, that could reference back to #1)

I am tagging jules, jennifer, knitxcore, jess, metal and knit and pins and needles to continue the meme........write a posting on 6 weird things about you and tag 6 more people....actually it was pretty fun, and mr sunneshine got to tease me that I would have to pair down the list -- we went to dinner last night and I called someone a character, to which my hostess said (all in good nature) that says alot coming from you -- so apparently I am one too . . . .hehehe


Jana said...

I love it that you put art around your home. And a professional bike racer? How cool! Thanks for doing the meme, I think it's a neat way to find out new stuff about people.

Obsidian Kitten said...

great list! heehee...i love layers, too. i was just laughing at myself the other day b/c i am constantly putting shirts/sweaters/pullovers on and off and changing my clothes...and i usually don't go anywhere, except out to the barn! rotfl

my worst weakness is coats, esp. vintage jackets, coats, and capelets; fake fur and big fuzzy ones. (i think it's b/c i grew up in GA and didn't really need heavy coats, so once i moved to CT then NYC i really indulged!) if i see one in a thrift store or antique shop i go weak in the knees.

KnitXcorE said...

who doesn't love layers <3333 ? a bike racer? wowserz!