Wednesday, February 28, 2007

more knucks

Here are the two sets of knucks that I finished this last week. For as much as I have been working - and it has been a LOT, there has been a surprising amount of knitting going on! There seems to be a theme of unmatching yarn in my life right now. There was only going to be one black pair of knucks, but I ran out of yarn after the first pair and the second ball was a much more grey color. Since they were a gift, I couldn't live with that. So I hunted through all the finished small bits of yarn till I came up with enough of the darker lot to make a second pair. Its snowing here today, so I am wearing the second pair - yipee, I really wanted them, not sure why its taken me this long to make 'em.....

On other happy knitting news, I finished the feather and fan and am starting the decreases in my Hush, Hush dress. Should have taken a photo, but didn't... soon.... This one is moving much faster. It may help that I don't have 10 projects going right now. Although, I haven't made much progress on my Aran scarf/shawl/blanket thingee - maybe next week!

And in the world of crafting, there is the start of the PRGE, sign ups are ending when I am done with work today, then meeting some helpers, to get all the pals matched - fun, fun!!

Happy Knitting!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Soundtrack of my life...

Once again shamelessly stealing.... Found this on Roxtarchic's blog - hers was so right on, I had to try it! Here we go....

1. Open your mp3 library
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press Play.
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the Next button.
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool.
7. Don’t skip songs.

My Movie:

1. Opening credits: Don't make me dream about you - Chris Issak
2. Waking up: The river's gonna run - Buddy and June Miller
3. First day of school: I wouldn't normally do this sort of thing - Pet Shop Boys
4. Fight song: The one i love - REM
5. Breaking up: Warning sign - Cold Play
6. Happiness: The puppet - Echo and The Bunnymen
7. Life’s okay: #41 - Dave Matthews
8. Mental breakdown: Dying from the inside out - Golden Palaminos
9. Driving: The great beyond - REM
10. Flashback: Crawlin king snake - John Lee Hooker
11. Getting back together: Panic - the Smiths
12. Wedding song: The sacrifice - Michael Nyman (the Piano Soundtrack)
13. Birth of first child: Universal traveler - Air
14. Final battle scene: Piano Concerto #25 - Mozart
15. Death scene: First cut is the deepest - Rod Stewart
16. Funeral song: From now on - Supertramp
17. End credits: Its different for girls - Joe Jackson

Well, its interesting anyways... kinda surprising how many are right on!!
Have a great week!

Friday, February 23, 2007

PRGE Questionaire

1. How long have you been knitting/crocheting/spinning?
I have been knitting for about 18 years on and off. I don't crochet unless I have to - and I don't spin.

2. Do you consider yourself a beginner, novice or experienced yarn artist?
I consider myself an experienced yarn artist - at the risk of sounding cocky....

3. What fibers (materials) have you knit/crochet with?
I'll try anything once - wire, cashmere, possum, bamboo, merino, tencil, silk, cotton, acrylic, fuzzy, thread (nightmare), alpaca, camel, t-shirts, tulle - anything that I think will work, which sometimes does and sometimes doesn't.....

4. What are your favorite yarns?
Right now, I am really into natural fiber, organic yarns are nice - but definately natural fibers

5. What fibers are you dying to try?
I hear that Southwest Trading Company is coming out with an organic cotton/bamboo yarn, and I use alpaca alot - anything alpaca is a favorite (especially naturally colored alpaca; brown, black, greys)

6. Do you prefer solid, self striping, or handpainted yarns?
I like all the possible colorways - solid, self striping and handpainted they just have different applications

7. What fibers do you dislike?
Anything that is not real - acrylic, fuzzy, man-made stuff - I admit that I like good yarn - I am willing to have less to have good stuff. Also itchy natural fibers; angora, mohair and the like.

8. What are your favorite colors?
Natural colors - tans, browns, greys, muted greens, dark reds, cremes or really dark purples

9. What are your least favorite colors?
Anything bright, yellow, orange, pink

10. How did you learn to knit/crochet/spin?
My grandmother taught me when I was little. I begged and begged till I think that she finally showed me to get me to quit nagging. I love it, but I only knew how to make dish cloths for about the first 6 or 7 years - so there are a lot of my dish towels, wash cloths somewhere...

11. What projects are you currently working on?
The second attempt at my Hush, Hush dress, an aran shawl, and knucks with two lace shawls lurking in the wings....

12. How old is your oldest UFO? What is it? Will it ever be finished?
My oldest project is a scarf that will get finished by April 15th - the end of the UFO/Stashbustalong that I signed up for in January! And then it will be donated to charity because, I don't want to see it any more....

13. What is the most heartbreaking project that you ever frogged?
I haven't done it yet, but it will be my first attempt at the Hush, Hush dress, where the yarn came in different colors for the same lot.... Just haven't had the heart yet, maybe when the new one is finished!

14. Do you prefer straight or circular needles?
I prefer straight, but find for the projects that I do, I knit on circs much more often....

15. Do you own a swift and/or a winder?
Yeap, best knitting investments I have ever made!

16. Where do you keep your needles?
I have two stainless steel pails from the hardware store, one holds circs orgainzed in ziplock bags by size, one holds straights and I have a long fabric organizer for my dpn

17. Do you enjoy helpful hints about your knitting or does it just piss you off?
Helpful hints are always great, there are so many ways to knit (39 ways to make a knit stitch all of which look identical) sometimes a different perspective makes it easier!!

18. What techniques are you still a virgin in (lace, cables, ect.) and are you interested in trying them?
I have never steeked a sweater, yet - so that is right up there. It is not on the immediate horizon, but soon I will make one of the sweaters from Poetry of Stitches.

19. What knitting magazines do you subscribe to?
Interweave Knits

20. Are there any books, needles, yarn, patterns that you are dying to get your hands on?
I am dying to get Romantic Style - the projects in there are so pretty! I think that's it.....

21. Do you enjoy knitting socks? How big are your feet?
Since I have knit one pair, yes, they were enjoyable. I haven't felt like swatching lately, so I haven't started the next pair.....maybe when some of the big projects are done and I need instant gratification. My feet are a womens 8 1/2 or a 39.

22. Do you have a wish list?
Yes, there is a link on my blog, there is also a wishlist on

23. What are your non-knitting, crochet, spinning hobbies?
I love to garden, cook, cruise around on my pink bike, read and work. Anything outdoors is an added bonus, like camping - but I work too much to generally.

24. How do you feel about sports?
I enjoy sports in moderation - mr.sunneshine loves football, so I watch some (read as - knit through it), I enjoy going to baseball games and an occasional hockey game - but not on tv. The only sports I enjoy doing are jogging, cycling - not team sports.

25. What is your favorite season? Least favorite season? Why?
I love the fall - the weather is crisp, I can wear lots of layers, clothing is more fun, great veggies to cook with and all the beautiful colors. I am not as much of a spring person, it seems like the season that I am always waiting to have end - its not quite summer, you don't want to wear winter clothes anymore but it is not nice enough to wear the summer stuff, and for some reason, it always feels cold in the shade - the garden is not pretty, the food is not as interesting.....blah, blah, blah....

26. What is your favorite holiday?
My favorite holiday is Christmas - I love giving gifts, its always hectic with the store, people that I haven't seen for a while re-appear, there is lots of good food, and fun things to cook with that only show up that time of the year!

27. Do you like handmade gifts?
Yes, I like making them, giving them and receiving them.

28. Do you wear jewelry that isn't real?
It is most of what I wear!

29. What are your favorite foods? Scents that you love?
I love chocolate!! Mostly milk or white chocolate, but really probably anything decadent that way. Pectin jelly beans are the other sweet that make me melt, they are only available around easter, so we are coming up on my pure sugar time of year. And I love good food; french, asian, american, whatever..... I like natural scents but nothing too sweet. Jasmine, pine, lavender, lemon, ect.

30. What is your family situation? Do you live alone?
I live with my husband, a long way from both of our families.

31. Do you have any pets?
No pets yet, but I really want a chocolate lab.....

32. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3's?
I like almost anything - no rap, no hip-hop - but I can go classical, folk, pop, new wave, jazz, blues, bluegrass, old country, punk, 3 chord boy bands (thanks O'Kitten for that designation) - it just depends on the day. On my current playlist right now - Blink 182, George Jones, Ryan Adams (Love is Hell, vol. 1), Kathleen Edwards, Regina Spektor, Silver Pickups, Lily Allen, Sum 41 and Neil Young. My computer doesn't download mp3's but will play them if they are on a cd - probably my ineptness more then the computers, or maybe I just need a program update or something.....

33. What are your favorite movies? TV shows? Actors?
I am not a big movie person, I am lucky to see three or four a year and usually they are little indie movies, because it is easier for my husband to drag me two blocks to the theather near our house. TV shows - I love Monk, My Name Is Earl, Boston Legal, and CSI Las Vegas. That said, with the exception of Boston Legal (apparently nothing fun happens in my life on Tuesdays), I am lucky to get to see one of those shows a week.

34. What do you collect?
Everything.... umm, maybe it just feels like that ..... vintage knitting needles and patterns; especially from the 20's and 30's, salt and pepper shakers, original art, red wine from Washington State, yarn (ok, that one is kind of a given), religious kitch, and plant pots that are in the shape of animals and figures from the 40's and 50's.

35. What do you do in real life -- besides knit and blog?
I own a clothing store, where I work way too much, but still feel constantly behind - hang out with my husband - spend too much time in the kitchen trying gourmet receipes - ride my cruiser bike - and be thankful that I no longer have to do the laundry.

36. When is your birthday? Is it a national holiday or just another day?
My birthday is July 31st - and it is in the official middle of Sunne Meyer days, almost a national holiday, and currently a week long celebration...

37. Do you have any allergies, medical conditions or disorders that your pal should be aware of (ie. diabetes, food/pet allergies, ect.)?
I am allergic to wheat.

38. Are there any scents, phobias, or sensory thing (ie, the way certain objects feel) that your pal should be aware of?
Ummm, I hate suede, I can't touch it and some wool yarn makes me itch....

39. What is the most difficult thing that you have ever knit/crochet?
This is a hard one - the most challenging thing I have ever knit is usually my last big project - in this case the Pi R Square shawl and it wasn't even the shawl, it was the lace border. I am not sure that i would consider it difficult since I learned a lot and didn't end up frogging the whole thing.....may have to edit this one......

40. What is your personal style? Is there a time period/fashion movement that you take your cues from?
I tend to be a very eclectic deconstructionist. I like vintage 20's, 30's and 40's, with a little midieval influence and some strong victorian strains mixed in.

41. Anything else that you would like to say?
I think I have said enough....

Friday Knitting

On friday mornings, I teach knitting. It is always a very eclectic group of women. I really enjoy this class and get a lot out of it. This morning I had a woman who came to class and I sat down with her and started her, and as she picked up the needles, she began to cry. The entire class, she would start knitting and the tears would begin to stream down her face, then she would leave - wipe her eyes, take a couple deep breaths and come back to it. She had knit somewhere in her past and picked it back up very quickly. She didn't really say why it made her so emotional, other then it brought back the good times. It really touched me and stayed with me. It was just another reminder that the good things in life really are the simple things. Creating something does fufill a need within us, bring back memories (hopefully of the good times), and may give us some peace and/or satisfaction. This is much deeper then my posts here usually are, but I wanted to share this. There has been a lot going on in my life lately, and overwhelmed is the word that I have used to describe it -- and looking through a lot of other posts, it seems to be going around. Sometimes it is nice to be able to look around and have a little perspective change -- something that makes things seem better then they were 10 minutes ago just because the light on the situation changed. This woman today, helped to do that for me. Thanks for reading.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Learning Experience

I finished my Pi R Square shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I will have to say that I LOVE this piece - it works well with all my funky deconstructed clothes!! Mr.sunneshine on the other hand HATES it..... So this shawl is fairly easy to make - lots of garter stitch with a few yarn overs for shaping - easy!! Till I got to the lace border - and its not like this is my first lace piece or the first border that I have attached, but boy did I learn a lot about lace knitting, borders and blocking. In the end , it is totally wearable, you probably wouldn't notice the mistakes if you weren't looking for them and once it is re-blocked, they will be even less noticable. After this project, mr.sunneshine has volunteered to help me make a blocking board -- yeah!! It would really make my life so much easier then pinning things to a towel on the dining room rug and guessing to what is even - and with this project, raiding the bookshelf to keep the rug from curling and bunching. So quickly here is what I learned, so maybe you can take my advice instead of having your own frustration... one - always start blocking pieces from the center, easier to keep them even, two - alpaca is not as hearty as cashmere, watch the stitches - I broke a stitch in the lace border from pulling too hard, three - always use a "lifeline" (thread a piece of waste yarn through all the stitches of the first row) when knitting lace patterns with lots of yo's in a row - then if you make a mistake you can easily pull out to the lifeline without having to frog the whole thing, four - corners are not as easy as they look, you do have to make adjustments in the lace pattern and short rows do not always work for those adjustments and finally - I knew this but was in disbelief - my shawl gained 9 inches in length and 9 inches in width during blocking. While I finished it and it looked tiny - it grew to just the right size!!

Since this was done, I rewarded myself by starting three new projects - dark charcoal knucks - didn't picture them, since almost everyone has made a pair. There is my pretty creme aran blanket from Philosophers Wool. I was so intimidated by this project a year ago - and now it is moving right along. This however is definatly not a chatting, watching tv or having a glass of wine while knitting project -- the chart reads in both directions, so I have to pay attention!! It is made of that yummy organic wool that smells so good to me - that will motivate me to find time for it....

Finally there is my new Halcyon yarn that arrived friday and the new beginnings of my Hush Hush dress. I once again have to compliment Halcyon for their customer service. There was a hand written note with the yarn again appologising - while it doesn't correct the other dress, they did all they could!! So I am starting the dress again, with the added bonus of hindsight and when I pulled the first one off the needles, I tried it on, and it fit really well! So onward and upward!!

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I am trying to get ready for my NY trip - I have only two (partial) days in the city, so I need to be ready to GO when I get off the plane. I, long ago in my head, decided that I would just take one smallish bag and my handbag for the trip. Does it signal that I have a problem, when I am trying to figure out how to best recycle my clothing for a second day with as few additions as possible, so I will have more room for yarn in my bag? hmmmm......

Friday, February 16, 2007

Just back from Vegas. . . .

I just got back from Vegas with still no oven (or part to fix it yet), a mold problem in our carriage house, so we moved our tenant out, a zillion and one things to do at work, a problem employee, and a feeling of being totally overwhelmed!! There was almost no knitting in Vegas - a lot of work, a lot of walking and damn that city has gotten REALLY expensive!! The all-star weekend was getting ready to start -- I attend the largest convention that takes up all of three hotel convention centers and the Vegas convention center -- so there were zillions of people!! All in all, I am so glad to be home. Since it was the all star game - there was the NY NY Statue of Liberty in the east jersey and the MGM lion in the west jersey.

For all the PRGE girls who may read this - blog invites will be sent out by the end of the weekend, watch your mailboxes!!

Thanks for everyone's kind words about my dress!! I have not decided what I am going to do with that one just yet. I did get a return phone call to my e-mail to Halcyon. At a very minimum I was impressed with that, as they could have just returned my e-mail. I spoke with Christine - she was very appologetic and unfortunately couldn't offer my any easy solutions, other then dying or bleaching the yarn, as it is 100% cotton. She explained that they are very careful about their yarns and the lots and while there is no great solution for my dress, she is going to send me a one pound cone so that I can re-knit the dress and not worry about color lots. She was so nice and offered some solutions, but cutting the dress and kitchner stitching it back together with a new section, sounds harder then re-knitting the dress. I am going to put the other one away and decide later what to do....I am not sure that I need two of the dresses. I am getting close to being done with the pi r square shawl - maybe once the weekend is over, I will be done with that!! It didn't make it to Vegas, but I have New York City next week to finish up my collections - an alpaca shawl may be more appropriate there anyway. Back to my life of stress, hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I could cry......

Sooo, I have been working on this dress - the Hush, Hush dress from knitty. The weather has been warmer this week, so I have been putting in some rounds - plus it was movie weekend at the sunneshine house - good knitting time! I finished the body decreases during the movie this morning and I was so excited to measure it and try it on. When I held up the dress in the light, I was horrified. THERE IS A HUGE STRIPE IN MY DRESS!! I have been doing this project while watching movies in the dark - the pattern is easy, so there is more movie watching then knitting watching. So being the pack rat that I am, I ran into the other room to consult the cones and see if I missed a lot number and scr@wed up. NO ALL THE LOT NUMBERS - IN FACT ALL THE NUMBERS ON THE TAGS ARE IDENTICAL!! I even had Mr.sunneshine check. I bought this 3/2 pearl cotton from Halcyon - its their yarn, I checked everything when I got it, just in case, but I have never had it happen that the same lots have this much variety - and there was no disclaimer about lot difference, like some yarns do have. I am so disappointed, I could cry. I figure I have about 30 hours in on this project - 280 stitchs to a round, knit on size 2 needles, almost 18" completed so far. My heart is broken - and I specifically bought this yarn because the pattern called for it - so, so bummed. If anyone has any suggestions besides dying it black, please let me know. Right now I am not sure if I will dye it, frog it or something else.... I have written Halcyon, we'll see what they say, I am not optimistic......

update - in an unexpected turn of events Halcyon actually called me today. Unfortunatley for me, I missed the call - but when I do talk to them tomorrow, I will let you know what they tell me! Still can't even look at this project.....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

another questionaire thingie....

I have been working really hard today, and I needed to, but I have been eyeing this little survey around and thought it would be fun. I grabbed it from is goes.....

1. I've been hooked on the needles since: I learned to knit when I was 9 - I made my grandmother teach me - she was not too convinced at the time - she also taught me how to embroider in our two weeks together that trip!

2. I'm still a virgin, but not for long: nothing that I can think of....... cables, lace, socks, sweaters, wire, broomhandles, tulle, crochet.....oh,oh .. haven't tried tatting......

3. She's crafty - she gets : knitting, making stitch markers, collage, making cards, and an a little free hand sewing

She's crafty - she's always down...for: knitting, cooking, internet, Law & Order, foreign movies, reading, teaching knitting and learning

She's crafty - she's got a gripe...about : My husband cleans the house and every night there is my pile on my side of the bed so I have to do my chores before I can go to bed....drives me nuts!

She's crafty - and she's just my type. What type of knitter are you? I knit continental - left handed - and want to knit everything. When we move, I will be knitting the screens for the doors!

4. I'm dying to try: organic cotton/soy yarn

5. I gravitate towards colors like: Black, tan, brown, muted burgandies and greens

6. My most cherished possession (kids, pets, family don't count) is: My art collection, which includes a couple pieces of my clothes, a couple pieces of my knitting, a lot of glass, painting, collage and drawing - only original pieces.....

7. I'm stuck on an island, what am I reading? Anything by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Arturo Perez-Reverte, or any murder mystery

8. If I were about to be executed and I was offered a last meal , I'd be dining on:
Steak au Poivre, french fries, mesclan salad with goat cheese, fois gras and really good Cabernet!

9. Music to knit by: Ryan Adams, Blink 182 or Kathleen Edwards

10. I have a crush on: DC - a rep that I work with....its not reality, I would never trade him for my husband, but its fun.....

11. Least favorite celeb: Britney Spears and Paris Hilton - get a life girls.......

12. Choose:

Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp? Johnny Depp

Madonna or Janet Jackson? Madonna

June Cleaver or Peg Bundy? do I have to?? Peg, I guess....

Jackie or Marilyn? Jackie

Love or Money? Love

Brains or Looks? Brains

Math or English? English

Cat or Dog? Dog

Leader or follower? Leader

Beer or Champagne? Champagne or good wine

13. My favorite smell? organic wool - I am not sure if it is the lanolin or what - but Philosphers Wool is heaven for me to work with because I love the smell of it - now if only it was softer and didn't itch!

14. Not many people know this about me: I helped to build satellites that are still in space, a couple of them were on the space shuttle or launched from it and I have seen the actual photos of Haley's Comet that came from the Hubble Space Tellescope and edited the photos for a book on the comet......

15. My hidden talent is: putting an outfit together......

Monday, February 05, 2007

Show and Tell

Inspired by O'Kitten and with her blessing, I have shamelessly ripped off her idea of showing my favorite coats. It took me a few days of thinking about this to figure out just who would make the cut and why. Working in retail, I have more clothes then I know what to do with (Although, I have to say that I live in a small apartment that came with only two small closets, so I have to be quite discerning about my closet or it will eat the whole house. So thanks to consignment and donations, my closet is now composed of only items that I really love and wear - except for a bin of vintage items that I cannot bear to part with.) But on the other hand, looking through my coats, most are not new and have been well loved. There are some vintage beauties that only get worn occasionally, but most of my coats either are in constant rotation or were - and I just can't bear to give them away just yet.

The first coat is my Nike everyday coat. I have never been much on big companies, but this jacket is the bomb!! It is all super techie - the outside shell is wind and waterproof and comes apart from the lining -- which can be worn as a seperate jacket -- the lining is some wicking, breathable somthing-or-other that keeps you warmer when its cold and cooler when its not cold. The hood folds into the huge collar - its the one coat that I cannot live without. Especially in winters like we have had this year!

The next one that is sort of a grey green with the funky front is by Ann Demeulemeester. The goddess of fashion. It was hugely on sale about 4 years ago and I still had to think about it and sweat when the bill came. It is my wearing something nicer to work or traveling coat. It has great lines, a collar that buttons off if you wish. When I look at it, I start to get nervous that it is going to wear out and I will be left with less cool coats, as the sleeve ends are beginning to show some wear -- irrational but true!

Then we have the diesel full length sleeping bag -- umm, I mean down filled -- coat. I have been known to wear this coat camping when it is cold in the fall. Why be cold when you have the option of wearing this. It was one of the first coats that I bought to sell in my store - no one purchased them. Yet, everytime it is super cold in Denver and I am wearing it, I constantly get stopped asking where I got it! It just turned 8 in my closet this january!

Next we have my DDC Lab coat. Made out of some weird knit, lycra fabric. It is stretchy, fits tight, is long enough the I have to be carefull to wear high enough heels to not trip, and is super warm and water resistant. Before the Nike coat, this was the everyday coat. It is now 7 or 8 years old, has been worn to death and still looks mostly new!! Yes the waist tie is a seatbelt.

These two have to share a photo because they are my not really functional, favorite dress jackets (not coats really) that are worn every chance that I get. They are made by Gary Graham - hy idol, hero and an all around great guy! These just slipped in because every time I wear them I feel like glamourous! And any time I have an excuse to dress up, they are always in the mix. Not very coat-ish, but I love, love, love them!!
These jackets are my vintage favorites!! I first there is my vintage 30's opera coat. It was found at a flea market and gifted to me because I would wear it. When I got it everything was perfect except the silk lining was rotting on the inside. I love it so much I spent a crazy amount of money (at the time especially) having a new creme silk lining put in so I could wear it for dress. I will have to say that it was a good investment, though. It has gotten a lot of wear!!

Then we have my real Bell Racing Jacket - it is a little big and the lining is in shambles, but I love, love, love it!! It is pretty beat up and some of the patches have been removed, replaced, sewn over then removed again (First it was RON's jacket - then it was MARK's jacket - hehehe!!) It just gives it so much character. While I don't wear this one a lot, it does get worn, mostly in the spring with a white wife beater and jeans!

Then there is this fur and leather beauty!! My husband and I found it on our first joint trip to Seattle (taking him home to meet Dad!) It was at this little cool thrift store for $35 (the tag is still in the pocket. It is late 60's, I believe with leather seperating the fur squares. It really does fit me well. I only rarely wear it, because I am afraid that I will get accosted in it or someone will throw something on it and ruin it. I am not the biggest fur fan, but if the animal has already died, I would rather that it not be for naught. Ohh, and the funniest part, the tag say D'Orr Furs -- which I am guessing is a play on Dior.......

Finally, we have my Diesel patent leather jacket. When I first started working in retail clothing, the store that I worked for carried a lot of Diesel. Our Diesel rep came out and I had the biggest crush on him. I got to go on the next buying trip to LA and fell in love with this white patent
leather motorcycle style jacket. The owner of the store would not order the jacket. So when my rep would call I would always ask about it. When the selling season was over, he sent me the jacket as a surprise. I was so thrilled - I wore it for about 2 years everyday with everything. It is now close to 12 years old, a little yellower for time, but it still fits and every now and then I wear it - an homage to time past, to this guy who I still work with (and have a huge crush on still), and to a different time -- one that I would not go back to, but am glad I lived!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thanks Piper!!

Okay, my picture does this gift no favors! But I want to send out a huge thank you to Piper -- or Angela -- for an amazing package from SP9!! Angela was a great pal and even my co-workers who saw the box of goodies agreed that you "nailed it!" - hehehe! This box had a great washcloth in purple, and this amazing bookmark again in purple (is it crochet or tat?), and beautiful beaded stitch markers!!! also in purple (it is my favorite color!) There was also some chocolate and hot chocolate (most of which was already gone by the time I took the photo!!), then the super cute bear with the skulls, and a bunch of great patterns!! The Hermimone bobble hat and mittens, the kristen felted bag - with just the right yarn accompanying it for me to make the bag (although the fair isle may go from a cute design to skulls)!! - and the book Scarves, a Knitters Dozen!! Angela thank you, thank you!! And thanks for being such a great pal!! SP9 was really fun because of you :)

Friday, February 02, 2007


This week has flown by and the last two days have been at mock speed!
Yesterday afternoon, I came home from 4 hours of errands to this - yes, crappy snow again!! Today was sunny with a high of 8 - yes, one digit, eight!! But with wind is way into the minus degrees - once again a sucky weather rant!!
Although this beautiful fearless fiber sock yarn in brown made its way onto the bedroom floor yesterday - to cheer me up, I think. I was going to follow in O'Kitten's footsteps and make knee socks, but I have since decided to make some pretty lace socks with it. I rolled the fearless and 14 skeins of philsophers wool to make an aran shawl/wrap/blanket thingee. This was the first (and last) kit that I ever bought and when it arrived much better than a year ago, I looked at the chart and put it up on the top shelf in my office. Far to intimidated to even think about making it. Now I am ready. I have 6 on the needle projects, so not quite yet - but in the next week, it will be cast on!
Such a pretty piece, but I am not sure about sitting on the beach with only it wrapped around me....maybe in my next far more romantic life!
So winding the yarn helped to put me in a better mood - then Earl came on - ahhhh, nothing like stupid tv to make ya smile!

OH, but the saga isn't over yet.....not by a long shot! So I am happily making dinner, getting all the prep done for pork chops stuffed with wild rice, apples and cinnamon, a side of long grain and wild rice, and a side of spicy roasted pears. Everything is made - everything.......pre-heat the the oven......pre-heat the oven......
NOTHING!! No gas to the oven, no heat in the oven. Turn on the broiler - stokes right up! Turn on the burners - all fine. Its just the oven!! Two plus hours of cooking all for naught! Call Jim to come look at the stove - he tinkers a bit - NOTHING. Call mr.sunneshine on the verge of tears and have him pick up some take-out mexican. Clean up the kitchen, put all the food away in the fridge :( At least the house still smelled good with the beautiful oriental lilies on the table. Must focus on the good things.........
There is a picture of my beautiful and prized stove that is causing all the drama. It is a 40" O'Keefe and Merritt 1947 beauty!! I remodelled my tiny kitchen around it, because it is beautiful and I love it and it cooks really well!! I spent most of The Office calling repair places - 9, yep, NINE before I could find someone to come out
and look at my prized stove. I realize its old, but doesn't that mean its like an old car, easier to work on with less computer stuff?? The saga will continue.............Until then, its broiled or pan seared for the sunneshine household!