Monday, September 24, 2007

A little bit of everything

Its hailing here right now - sounds like little tinkling breaking glass... Guess summer really is over. We lost half the peach tree in our back yarn last week. Apparently the nice peach harvest and a little wind was too much for it. I would show photos, but its just sad. However, I did have a lovely harvest from the garden yesterday morning!

I got this amazing card from my PRGE pal! It sings... Kung Fu Fighters... I have had far too much fun opening it up all weekend! Thanks Amidala!

Friday, I had a couple spare minutes and there is a little crafting shop in my neighborhood. I try to support them, since I think its a cool thought. I wound up with two new books (There are two sweaters in Classic Knits that I am dying to make - the v neck and the turtleneck...), the new Bust and a cute rubber stamp. Fun!

And Finally some FO's. My felting trial worked. I think it needs to be re-felted, but as it is I am happy. And for the moment it is a Chunky soup cozy.... I finished Ashley's stocking too! I am really pleased with how it turned out. I still have to weave and block - but I will wait till a couple more stockings are done and do a marathon session.

Okay, this was super long - Have a great week!
Happy Knitting!!


Jana said...

Yum, those veggies look good! I'm jealous you have cold weather already, it's supposed to be 85 degrees here Wednesday, what is up with that! Love the kung fu card too, super cute!

KnitXcorE said...

it's still hot here during the day, but my garden is slowly dying :-( I wish there was a cool crafty shop in my area, we've got the big guys, but nothing fun. I swear I'm doing the PRGE next time, I get so jealous of everyone's cool stuff.

Beth said...

Sorry to hear about the peach tree. That sounds sad.

Your garden bounty is beautiful! I'm quite jealous as our garden chose to produce about 4 tomatoes, 1 cucumber and 1 jalapeno this summer. Just pathetic.

kasiaiscarly said...

Your tomatoes look awesome. I am thinking about attempting a veggie garden next year to have cukes and tomatoes and basil! Yum!

roxtarchic said...

i just want you to know... i've been singing kung-fu fighting ALLLLLLLL DAAAAAYYYYY now! hahahaha