Thursday, September 13, 2007

An entire day and so little to show...

I spend the entire day today, cataloging yarn and needles for Ravelry *sigh*... I kind of feel like I didn't get anything done - but in reality, its only because I did not finish or even come close to finishing. I have about 1/3 of my needles (or all the circs) and 1/4 of my stash listed - and only about 1/2 of that photographed.

There were some cool moments when I found my grandmother's crochet needles and shoe hook, in the little red box that she always kept them in (see the photo). And I have cleaned out almost 100 circular needles that I refuse to knit with, but still lived in the circs bucket.

The whole experience has left me very happy knitting from my stash. And now that I know what I have - or that is the eventual goal - it will hopefully be more fun!

On other fun notes, inspired by Shannon, I have joined Secret of the Stole, which starts in October. Lace knitting will be a nice change from all the fair-isle work that I have lined up.

The progress on the stockings is coming along. Have a great weekend!
Happy Knitting!!


Shannon said...

I decided not to enter in my needles, as I mostly use 1 out of 3 of my interchangeable sets. I hate my straights, and only have a few stand alone circs. Oh, and my dpn's but I know what I have for those!

Nautical Knitter said...

Welcome aboard the Secret of the Stole KAL. Kudos to Shannon for enabling, I mean inspiring, you to join.

Jana said...

I'm guessing the shoe hook is the gold one with the circle at the end? What does this do? I've never seen one before and I am intrigued... Also by the way I'm just realizing you are knitting that fair isle fast! Do you do it the real way where you hold 2 yarns at once? I can't, I do it the moron way where I literally put one down and pick the other up. Probably why it takes me so long!

elizabeth marley said...

I've opted out of cataloging my needles and yarn on Ravelry, but since I've moved so much this summer and everything is all packed up (still), I really wish I had. At least I'd know for sure what was hiding in the boxes rather than just a vague idea.