Saturday, October 13, 2007


So, there has been a bunch of progress around the sunneshine's this week.

There are four baby hats waiting for their finishing (they'll look like lil Hershey's kisses).

The first clue plus 10 rows is done in the Secret of the stole - I hate photographing lace before its blocked, it looks like gobblie-gook.

I got the blog really going for my Friday ladies - if you have some time and nice comments for some beginning knitters who are beating the odds, head here. They are really excited about
the blog and tracking their progress (read successes) online.

mr.sunneshine is in Omaha for our grandbaby's second birthday - guess I can't call him the GB for much longer... We got him a little mini-drum set at his mom's request!! (mr.sunneshine is in the photo for scale - hehe!) And a bicycle and helmet :) I am sure there will be more photos when mr.s returns. Since I am the crafty grandma, I made (assembled) his halloween bucket - of course the front had a skull and the back was too funny!

Started a second Hemlock ring blanket today. I am just starting the feather and fan. Love how quickly these knit!!

Okay, off to make some more stocking progress, while the mr. is away. There will be lots knitting...

Happy Knitting!!


Nautical Knitter said...

Your stole looks fantastic! Great job. Enjoy hint #2.

DAWN said...

I feel the same way about photographing unblocked lace, however it is looking really pretty. Love the kiss hats, too! Happy Birthday to the "GB". Drum set, huh? Brave.

Knoobie Knitter said...

Oh, oh, oh! Cute KISS HATS! Have you seen Sarah Lou's candy corn hats? Go to Ravelry and search Candy Corn's a free pattern.

Really precious! Stole is lookin' pretty shnazzy too!

Don't you just LOVE this time of year?!?!?

LesleyD said...

Too Awesome!!! OH I'm doing the Secret of the Stole too!!! I'm still working on hint one though. :-( I'm clickin on though!!! Your work is fabulous!!!

Laurie said...

Your baby hats do, indeed, look like little hershey kisses! How cute.

I looked at your blog for the Friday night ladies. I am touched you are doing this. How wonderful. Now, are you teaching women how to knit/crochet?

Jana said...

Aww! Between the drum set and the halloween bucket-luckiest kid around. So lucky!