Tuesday, June 05, 2007

more socks...

I am really loving socks right now! They are fun and fast!!
The James Bond socks are done. They are a little bulky, but its one pair of Toasty Toes socks down (still have enough yarn left for at least one more pair - if not three more socks). And it was the first time I had done pattern down the feet.

I cast on my Rococo socks in Sleepless in Seattle from WhiteOakStudio. They are great and going really fast! I got 12 rows finished during a 45 minute pedi this morning. (Thankfully the pattern is easy, as I left it in the car and didn't have time to go back.

And just because, I started the dress from Romantic style. I am only two repeats into the bottom lace. This is going to be a challenging piece, but I am up for it! There will be no getting bored.

Finally, I would like to rave about the sock book that my prge pal, Spinalcat, gave me. I finally had time to browse through More Sensational Socks. Its so great, because it gives you a few sock patterns to do, but more then that its a great reference. It gives all different stitch patterns, heels, toes, cuffs, and cuff down/toe up variations. So not only can you knit what she wrote - it helps you to design your own!! And since I was just wishing for a sock reference book - this could not be more perfect!

Finally, I leave you with the link to the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. I thought it was going to be hillarious, but its amazing the dress that people have made out of TP - check it out!

Happy Knitting!!


white oak studio said...

hi sunne, socks in seattle look great!

why don't you sign up for this swap http://virtualvacationswap.blogspot.com/


DAWN said...

I am in a sock slump right now (2/3 fininshed with one for quite some time) so I live vicarious through you, Yay! and I so love your stitch markers. My PRGE pal gave me a set and I heart them:)

Beth said...

The finished socks look very comfy and the beginning of the second sock looks wonderful. I love that yarn on the Roccoco sock!

One way to make the MSKS book even better is to take it to Staples and have the binding cut off and a spiral binding put on instead. That way the book can lay flat and it's much easier to use. Something to think about.

a friend to knit with said...

Ha! Thanks for sharing that link to the tp dresses!! AMAZING!

Love your socks....and the new pair your are making!

I have that book......I haven't made anything out of it yet, but will be sooo excited to see how your dress turns out!!

MsFortuknit said...

Ok so super duper nice! Oh by the way, I really like those stitch holders as well! ;)

Hope your well!

Jana said...

I love that White Oak Studio yarn, great colors. I can't believe some of those toilet paper wedding dresses! That's insane!!!