Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Final Seattle Post

So there hasn't been much knitting. I didn't finish the Seattle socks while in Seattle :( I did finish one, and the second should be done in the next couple days - no knitting time right now.

So here is the done Seattle sock posing around my dad's house. First we have the view out the bedroom window, looking at the ferry docks - my favorite. Then we have mr.sunneshine holding the sock so that it is in view of the former Kingdome (now Qwest Field) and Safeco Field where my beloved Mariners play! I think I like the second photo best, since it is by far the funniest/dorkiest knitting photo I have taken to date.

I went to my 20 year class reunion. I have to say that it was super fun! I went to a small private high school. There was one really clicky group and the rest of us all sort of hung together. At the reunion, the clicky people still hung together, but most of them weren't beautiful anymore and the rest of us caught up, laughed about old times and generally had a blast! So glad that I went, I will go to the 25th.

Happy knitting!!


DAWN said...

It looks like Mr. Sunneshine is threatening you, "hey, do it or the sock gets it". Very scary.

Heide said...

Love the pictures. I kind of miss the old Kingdome. Did you go to Ingraham? I don't know much about schools in that area. I've only met people from the aforementioned school and then a public school called Foster. I went to a school out on the coast in Westport and we only had about 50 people in our class. Good luck finishing your other sock soon!