Friday, February 02, 2007


This week has flown by and the last two days have been at mock speed!
Yesterday afternoon, I came home from 4 hours of errands to this - yes, crappy snow again!! Today was sunny with a high of 8 - yes, one digit, eight!! But with wind is way into the minus degrees - once again a sucky weather rant!!
Although this beautiful fearless fiber sock yarn in brown made its way onto the bedroom floor yesterday - to cheer me up, I think. I was going to follow in O'Kitten's footsteps and make knee socks, but I have since decided to make some pretty lace socks with it. I rolled the fearless and 14 skeins of philsophers wool to make an aran shawl/wrap/blanket thingee. This was the first (and last) kit that I ever bought and when it arrived much better than a year ago, I looked at the chart and put it up on the top shelf in my office. Far to intimidated to even think about making it. Now I am ready. I have 6 on the needle projects, so not quite yet - but in the next week, it will be cast on!
Such a pretty piece, but I am not sure about sitting on the beach with only it wrapped around me....maybe in my next far more romantic life!
So winding the yarn helped to put me in a better mood - then Earl came on - ahhhh, nothing like stupid tv to make ya smile!

OH, but the saga isn't over yet.....not by a long shot! So I am happily making dinner, getting all the prep done for pork chops stuffed with wild rice, apples and cinnamon, a side of long grain and wild rice, and a side of spicy roasted pears. Everything is made - everything.......pre-heat the the oven......pre-heat the oven......
NOTHING!! No gas to the oven, no heat in the oven. Turn on the broiler - stokes right up! Turn on the burners - all fine. Its just the oven!! Two plus hours of cooking all for naught! Call Jim to come look at the stove - he tinkers a bit - NOTHING. Call mr.sunneshine on the verge of tears and have him pick up some take-out mexican. Clean up the kitchen, put all the food away in the fridge :( At least the house still smelled good with the beautiful oriental lilies on the table. Must focus on the good things.........
There is a picture of my beautiful and prized stove that is causing all the drama. It is a 40" O'Keefe and Merritt 1947 beauty!! I remodelled my tiny kitchen around it, because it is beautiful and I love it and it cooks really well!! I spent most of The Office calling repair places - 9, yep, NINE before I could find someone to come out
and look at my prized stove. I realize its old, but doesn't that mean its like an old car, easier to work on with less computer stuff?? The saga will continue.............Until then, its broiled or pan seared for the sunneshine household!


pseudobunny said...

beauty of a stove!
we had one that the fire dept and pge declared unsuitable and made us remove it
it was a beauty
ahh griddle how i miss you
i hear they make repos tho
and repo fridges!

KnitXcorE said...

that blankie is going to be fab!

my mom's stove is just like yours in green :-)

Obsidian Kitten said...

what gorgeous yarn!

and oh, am i EVER in love with your stove! *pant pant*

my old apartment had a little stove of about that vintage (only half its size though) and i was SOOOO in love with had to light the burners and oven with a match (it mde this great WHOOMP sound) and only three of the burners worked but i ADORED it!

i hope you can find someone to fix it...ok, it's old, but i mean, how hard can it be? it's not all electronic and ocmputerized, and those things were meant to last forever and ever and ever...

a friend to knit with said...

That is a beauty!! I do think you can find a beach to pose with your beautiful aran shawl/blanket....:)sure hope someone came out over the weekend to repair your stove!