Monday, February 05, 2007

Show and Tell

Inspired by O'Kitten and with her blessing, I have shamelessly ripped off her idea of showing my favorite coats. It took me a few days of thinking about this to figure out just who would make the cut and why. Working in retail, I have more clothes then I know what to do with (Although, I have to say that I live in a small apartment that came with only two small closets, so I have to be quite discerning about my closet or it will eat the whole house. So thanks to consignment and donations, my closet is now composed of only items that I really love and wear - except for a bin of vintage items that I cannot bear to part with.) But on the other hand, looking through my coats, most are not new and have been well loved. There are some vintage beauties that only get worn occasionally, but most of my coats either are in constant rotation or were - and I just can't bear to give them away just yet.

The first coat is my Nike everyday coat. I have never been much on big companies, but this jacket is the bomb!! It is all super techie - the outside shell is wind and waterproof and comes apart from the lining -- which can be worn as a seperate jacket -- the lining is some wicking, breathable somthing-or-other that keeps you warmer when its cold and cooler when its not cold. The hood folds into the huge collar - its the one coat that I cannot live without. Especially in winters like we have had this year!

The next one that is sort of a grey green with the funky front is by Ann Demeulemeester. The goddess of fashion. It was hugely on sale about 4 years ago and I still had to think about it and sweat when the bill came. It is my wearing something nicer to work or traveling coat. It has great lines, a collar that buttons off if you wish. When I look at it, I start to get nervous that it is going to wear out and I will be left with less cool coats, as the sleeve ends are beginning to show some wear -- irrational but true!

Then we have the diesel full length sleeping bag -- umm, I mean down filled -- coat. I have been known to wear this coat camping when it is cold in the fall. Why be cold when you have the option of wearing this. It was one of the first coats that I bought to sell in my store - no one purchased them. Yet, everytime it is super cold in Denver and I am wearing it, I constantly get stopped asking where I got it! It just turned 8 in my closet this january!

Next we have my DDC Lab coat. Made out of some weird knit, lycra fabric. It is stretchy, fits tight, is long enough the I have to be carefull to wear high enough heels to not trip, and is super warm and water resistant. Before the Nike coat, this was the everyday coat. It is now 7 or 8 years old, has been worn to death and still looks mostly new!! Yes the waist tie is a seatbelt.

These two have to share a photo because they are my not really functional, favorite dress jackets (not coats really) that are worn every chance that I get. They are made by Gary Graham - hy idol, hero and an all around great guy! These just slipped in because every time I wear them I feel like glamourous! And any time I have an excuse to dress up, they are always in the mix. Not very coat-ish, but I love, love, love them!!


Obsidian Kitten said...

ok, that Ann Demeulemeester coat took my breath away! and the DDC Lab coat--to DIE for!

and how could a vintage lover not adore the two Gary Grahams? i don't know his work, but now i hafta look him up! glamourpussy is right! lol

i'm so glad you posted these!

now on to the vintage...

KnitXcorE said...

hahaha! I used to laugh so hard when I would see people in the city in those huge diesel coats!!!! I'll bet it's really warm tho <3