Monday, February 05, 2007

These jackets are my vintage favorites!! I first there is my vintage 30's opera coat. It was found at a flea market and gifted to me because I would wear it. When I got it everything was perfect except the silk lining was rotting on the inside. I love it so much I spent a crazy amount of money (at the time especially) having a new creme silk lining put in so I could wear it for dress. I will have to say that it was a good investment, though. It has gotten a lot of wear!!

Then we have my real Bell Racing Jacket - it is a little big and the lining is in shambles, but I love, love, love it!! It is pretty beat up and some of the patches have been removed, replaced, sewn over then removed again (First it was RON's jacket - then it was MARK's jacket - hehehe!!) It just gives it so much character. While I don't wear this one a lot, it does get worn, mostly in the spring with a white wife beater and jeans!

Then there is this fur and leather beauty!! My husband and I found it on our first joint trip to Seattle (taking him home to meet Dad!) It was at this little cool thrift store for $35 (the tag is still in the pocket. It is late 60's, I believe with leather seperating the fur squares. It really does fit me well. I only rarely wear it, because I am afraid that I will get accosted in it or someone will throw something on it and ruin it. I am not the biggest fur fan, but if the animal has already died, I would rather that it not be for naught. Ohh, and the funniest part, the tag say D'Orr Furs -- which I am guessing is a play on Dior.......

Finally, we have my Diesel patent leather jacket. When I first started working in retail clothing, the store that I worked for carried a lot of Diesel. Our Diesel rep came out and I had the biggest crush on him. I got to go on the next buying trip to LA and fell in love with this white patent
leather motorcycle style jacket. The owner of the store would not order the jacket. So when my rep would call I would always ask about it. When the selling season was over, he sent me the jacket as a surprise. I was so thrilled - I wore it for about 2 years everyday with everything. It is now close to 12 years old, a little yellower for time, but it still fits and every now and then I wear it - an homage to time past, to this guy who I still work with (and have a huge crush on still), and to a different time -- one that I would not go back to, but am glad I lived!

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Obsidian Kitten said...

opera coats--j'adore! how yummy.

and that fur and leather--crazy fabulous.

i have an ancient motorcycle jacket that reminds me a bit of your's all black and the poor fuzzy lining is all ashred, but i love love love it. i got in Philly about 20 yrs ago for $25 and even then the pocket linings were rotted out. it weighs about 20 pounds! but you could wear it in a blizzard and be warm. (oh, except for the fact that the zipper doesn't work, never did, and i never got it fixed). how many boyfriends wanted to steal it? (hm, lost count...)

i love that each and every one of your babies has a story! thx so much for sharing them...i needed a smile on my face today.