Tuesday, January 02, 2007

starting new...

So here is my lace scarf that I was so upset about on Sunday. I am doing much better with it now. I know the yarn is coming and it will get done, blocked and then maybe I will get a decent photo of it....

So since I couldn't finish that, I started two more projects. I am using my single skein of possum to start on a geometric lace pattern, I wasn't sure how it was going to work with the lace pattern and the color variation but I actually really like it, and I love knitting with the yarn! The pattern is shaping up quickly, which is always an added bonus - especially since I am using the wrong weight yarn, wrong size needles and had to re-write the lace a bit to make a pattern that I was happy with. And since I wanted to actually watch some of the football games yesterday, I had two hats to pull out and make longer and I needed an easy project, so I started the everyday cardigan from Peace Fleece. The yarn is easy to work with and I got a whole sleeve done in a couple hours with football watching (Ian Johnson - football player and crocheter - pulled out the win for Boise State - sweet!) Soooo, now I am back to a million projects, knitting my way into the new year! And as an added bonus - Wahington State Cougars did not make it to a bowl game, but we did win the Capital Mascot Bowl - so Go Cougs!!
Happy 2007 to all!


colleen said...

ok.... if i could knit a scarf like that i'd be p!ssed i couldnt finish it either... looks GREAT i'm so envious. i think i'm going to try another lace scarf now (so i'll be cursin you for the next few days) hahah

happy new year!

pseudobunny said...

happy knit..err...NEW year Sunne!!!!
I hope this year isnt too boaring for you..although I don't think that is even possible!

jules said...

WoW!! Your lace scarf is beautiful!! It makes me want to start one!!!

KnitXcorE said...

the edging on that lace scarf is cutie patootie :-) I'm so jealous of your sweet possum yarn!