Monday, January 22, 2007

more snow, more knitting and blocking...

So we got another 6" of snow yesterday! That makes 6 weekends in a row with measurable snowfall!! Who knew that could happen in Denver!
It did give me some time to knit while mr.sunneshine watched football yesterday! i finally unpinned my brown lace scarf from the blocking carpet. It turned out pretty well! I am excited to get to wear it. And who knew that cashmere grew so much - it is a good 3" wider and 4" longer then when it was knit. And the cashmere plumped up and got alot softer - if that is possible! I should have plenty more winter days to be wearing it this year!!

And as much as I wanted to start about 4 new projects - I finished the tan and grey scarf for charity. Back from the days before I became a yarn snob and wanted all my projects to be pretty and soft. I am sure that it will keep someone really warm.
Then I finished the front panels for my Peace Fleece sweater. Now the front panels and arms are being blocked so that I can sew them together this week. The back should be done tonight and blocking tomorrow. I promised myself, I would get down to 6 only on the needle projects so I have to keep finishing things, to open up new project space! I have mittens, an aran shawl and a new pair of socks (out of the Fearless Fibers yarn from Piper) on the brain. Soon!!
Have a great week!!

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KnitXcorE said...

U R a knitting machine! ha! that lace looks amazing!