Monday, January 08, 2007

I went and did it....

I joined the stash bust-along! Yippee!! I am really excited about it - From now till April 15th, I will not buy any yarn. Only knitting from my stash (there are a couple of exceptions, but I am going to try really hard not to use them!!) The other good part of this is, they also encourage you to finish your WIP's. So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I went through all my stashes, found a few WIP's that I had forgotten about, or just need a little motivation finishing, and photographed everything, so at the end of the three months, I could go back through and see how well I did! All the photos, embarassing as they are will be at my photo gallery blog.

So it was a big weekend of knitting around our house! I finished one sock (applause) and I actually really like it. Tomorrow, I will begin the next one. And I am almost done with the second sleeve of my Peace Fleece Everyday Cardigan. It is supposed to snow again, and this time get REALLY cold, so I would like to get that finished sooner then later!! And while they are not too exciting to look at, they represent a lot of hours watching bad reality tv yesterday with mr. sunneshine.

Have a great week!

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KnitXcorE said...

that sock is one of my fave colors <3333