Friday, January 19, 2007

made up mitts

Okay, that last picture was freakin' me out a little bit! I looked like a children's book character - I can't think of his name, but lets just say my nose does not need to look any bigger then it already is -- and even though it was my own comparison, it was not flattering! There has been a lot of crafting this week, but not much to show for it! I have been working on getting my etsy shop updated - tomorrow all the new photos will be up! I am really excited about that and I got all my lys updated and monies paid - always fun to see the new stuff in action! I blocked my brown lace scarf, I will unpin it tonight. It took me a full hour to pin it!! Even using the nylon cord to make it easier with the points! I will post the finished blocked photo as soon as I take it. My real job has been slow and stressful this week. So while I was having one of those days, I pulled out my two pretty blue/purple had painted/spun skeins and decided to make up a pattern and knit some mitts. I am keeping them at my desk in my office - they are a little crude - but I think they turned out so cute!! I am posting the pattern on my denverknits blog, in case anyone wants it. They were a two hour knit with the ripping the thumbs a couple times and weaving. Bulky yarn, quick project!
Have a great weekend!


KnitXcorE said...

cute yarn! i <3 those :-)

Lana said...

Those are very cute. Love them.