Monday, January 15, 2007

new finished objects to share!

I had to travel for work this week - which always means lots of knitting time! So I marked some things off my lists. First there are my first socks!! They are made from wick (a soy polypro. yarn that is supposed to wick moisture from your skin - we'll see if they work!) by knit one, crochet two. They are the spring hiking sock pattern from halcyon. A quick easy knit - a good first pair. I don't love my kitchner on the first one - it got better on the second. But I will still be tromping around in my hiking boots in them come spring! And what an easy projects socks are on a plane!! Oh, and thanks to those of you who left links on sock patterns and formulas! I have printed them out - and will be trying them soon - help is always appreciated!!

Then I finished my lace warm shawl on the trip too! I love the way that it looks - and its FREEZING here right now - so I have been wearing it - cashmere is warm!! It really needs to be blocked, but I just wasn't motivated enough this weekend and it was constantly around my neck. It was too cold to be stretched out on the living room floor getting all those little tines stretched to the proper length. Maybe tonight....

So since it was the football playoffs, there was a lot of football going on in our house. Not being the biggest fan, I figured that if I was distracted
with knitting, it would make everyone's mood much better. There were a lot of "honey, you just gotta see this -- put your knitting down and watch!" but at the end of the day on sunday - I was about done with my pirates hat! I still have a little more to go with the lining. The yarn that I used was a little itchy, so I lined it higher then the pattern called for, so I would actually be able to wear it. Plus it will be so warm with the cashmere lining and the wool hat! Hopefully tonight - mr sunneshine rented Taladega Nights - which I don't really want to see - I will get this finished and the matching mittens started!

Finally, this came in the mail on saturday! These two little skeins - only about 38 yds each - are so beautiful! I am thinking hand warmers. If anyone has a good pattern for a bulky yarn on big needles - please let me know! Otherwise, I will just make something up.... It is just too pretty to let sit! And with all the denim I wear, the colors could not be more gorgeous!!

Have a good couple a days!


Lana said...

Love the socks and the pirate hat is fabulous. I have been wanting to knit that one too. Happy Knitting and have a great week.

KnitXcorE said...

love it all!!!! I see you've beat me to the pirate collection :-)

pseudobunny said...

the hat looks awesome
i let clinton wear it on his shoo tup north and i miss mine already!