Tuesday, May 22, 2007

knitting projects revisited

Reading Calling on Kahlo's blog the other day, she referenced a contest at Skeins Her Way blog. This was one that I thought I could actually benefit from even if I don't win. The contest is to set your summer knitting goals. Now there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting happening recently. This is due to a few factors:
My little stitch marker business is cutting into my knitting time... but its still crafting and I really enjoy it, so that probably won't change.
There is a little burnout after the Hush dress.
Everything that I want to knit is so dang hard that I can't always concentrate when I get home from work - and I am averaging one day off a month right now...

So keeping those factors in mind, I pulled out my January list of things that I want to knit and already own the yarn for. I have crossed a few things off (and I am almost done with one more on there...) and decided that I should pick a couple off the list and allow for a new addition or two....

So my summer knitting goals are:
1. 2 fair isle christmas stockings for my husband and myself (I need to write the charts for the design too)
2. 1 pair of tiny toes socks
3. 1 pair of toasty toes socks
4. Ene's scarf from scarf style
5. Rococo socks (recent addition)
6. Market bag (and re-writing the top design)
7. Henne Falkenburg Ballerina sweater (new addition)
*and if I have time Mountain Peaks Shawl (new addition)*

From right here, right now, it doesn't look that ambitious, but we'll see what happens!! I may have to come back and add more - but I am one of those crazy people who needs to finish everything on the list to be happy...

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Jodi said...

It looks ambitious to me, but I'm a slow knitter!