Monday, May 14, 2007

The Grandbaby

Since I didn't do much this weekend, I thought I'd share these cute photos of my grandbaby in his easter bunny hat and the green birthday sweater that I knit for him last Aug/Sept (you can see the post here). His birthday is in October, so I guess I should be thinking about what sweater to make him for next year. I do appreciate that his mom actually dresses him in the things that I make for him :) Have a good week!!

Happy Knitting!!


a friend to knit with said...

First of all, grandbaby?????????
He is adorable, and so so cute in your hat and sweater! They are both darling!


Baby baby baby!! I love kids. They are so cute. He's a cutie too. :)

LesleyD said...

You aren't old enough to have a granbaby! (Okay, so what if I don't know how old you are you still aren't old enough to have one :-P )
He is adorable!!!! The hat and sweater look so cute on him too!!!

DAWN said...

Awwww-he is handsome. I love that she dresses him in handmade knits, too. That is a cool mom.

KatnZoey said...

awe hes so cute! i hope im a young grandmother too (well not to young) my mom is 37 and my daughter is almost two. my mom had me when she was 15, im 22 now.i hope my daughter will let me knit for her kids hehe.