Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The land of the hat!!

So we went to Virginia this weekend to visit with Jules, James and the girls (photos from that on DenverKnits) and it was a hat knitting fest! I got 5 done and Bill's knucks embroidered. I am really loving making the twisted ribbed hats, but I think that not everyone probably wants one of those for christmas, so I downloaded some hat patterns this morning, to mix it up with some cabled hats or something . . . I am now done with 3 of my 7 must-do christmas gifts, so it looks like I may have time to make more. There are two more that are SOOOO close, they will definately be posted by the end of the week. And I am thinking of changing some of the knucks to fetching, just to give me a little change in patterns . . . we shall see . . .right now it is just the land of the hat . . .

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