Thursday, November 30, 2006

a whole lotta kniting going on!

So welcome to my new beta blog -- take some time, look around, get comfortable. It is sad to leave DenverKnits behind, but this will be better -- or so they tell me :)

So there has been a bunch of knitting, a bunch of which is not even here, oops! The top is my ultimate indulgence, a black cashmere hat, whahoo!! It is cold here, I don't have a black hand knit hat - got this yarn on sale a while ago -- so what am I waiting for. Hopefully it will be done so I can wear it tree hunting on Sunday. Its a new pattern, so we'll see . . .

Then there is my snow bunny hat - actually I took my favorite ribbed hat and moved the marker every round instead of every third. I actually like this hat, and its a great weight, but its the holidays and its spoken for . . .

Finally there is my mom's knuck - soon there will be two and it will be knucks. It is lorna's laces sportweight creme with suss gold lame mixed. It really isn't as hideous as I thought it would be, but that lame yarn is not soft. That's my mom for you -- everything has to be sparkly. I will admit they are growing on me -- oh dear, I may need a vacation!

Hey, if you can spare a little good energy, please send it to Rachel!

Hope you enjoyed the first solo post from the now single solo blogger -- Sunneshine. Have a great week!!

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