Thursday, June 26, 2008

The day of being overwhelmed...

Today was a day with a list a mile long - I did finish most of it before getting overwhelmed. All of the change and moving and maybe not moving got to me today. So what to do... I started the Naive Sock from SpillyJane - I thought it would be a really great pattern with some yarn that I bought from MudCreek. Much to my surprise, the yarn is self striping - it is a pleasure to knit with and I love how its turning out.

However, I really didn't need another project on the needles, since I am still trying to finish my Reverse Psockology socks. Yesterday, I had a little panic because I thought I lost the finished sock - and socks this tall take time... Thankfully, it revealed itself this morning!

However, since I could not find the finished sock yesterday, I took my sweater sleeves to staff knitting and got a couple inches added on. Its hard to find the patience when I knit two at once. It just seems like it should go faster. I do love how the possum/merino feels - I know this sweater will get a lot of wear this winter. And mr.sunneshine is thrilled, since he gave me the yarn.

I spent a bit of time on the deck today. Its so peaceful and the flowers and veggies make me smile. The bike is out being cleaned.
Mr.sunneshine and I are hoping to move in mid-July. We have found a wonderful house that is perfect for us. We have been jumping through hoops to make it ours. Up until yesterday, there were no hitches - we got through all the inspections and negotiations easily. Now the appraiser will not value the house at what we are purchasing it at. And to be honest, we are not sure why. There will be another appraisal before July 1st, so we are crossing our fingers and hoping for better results... Especially, since we have started packing and organizing to move and our house looks mostly like the last photo. Thank goodness, knitting is so centering and
relaxing! One more good thing, we have not yet packed up the kitchen, so I am off to make a chilled tortilla soup!
Happy Summer and Happy Knitting!!


kasiaiscarly said...

I love the pink skull project bag!

Wendy said...

Love those alcohol boxes for packing! doublely fun when you get to drink and get a great box to pack your stuff.

roxtarchic said...

i'm sure all will go well w/the next inspection... and i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya's! ;)