Thursday, March 20, 2008


Okay, my pal gave me rockin' songs for the PRGE contest, so it required some thought to pair them with the right patterns...

I wanna be your boyfriend by the Ramones

I picked the classic Seamless Hybrid Sweater - a classic pattern to go with a classic song (this one is from tigerlillith on Ravelry.

Radio, Radio by Elvis Costello

I saw this in Craft Magazine a few months back. Of course I would change the plush animal to this one (and I can't get the picture over - so here's the link)

Its not quite a radio - but it has the right feel for the words, I think...

Finally, there is Welcome to Paradise by GreenDay

This song reminds me of work - people struggling to make ends meet - so the two things that the women ask to be taught to knit most often are bags and hats -
There are both pdf patterns and I couldn't lift the photos so follow the links (sorry!!)...

Thanks for playing

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