Monday, March 31, 2008

Last week

So last week, I followed Washington State to Charlotte for the sweet 16 basketball tournament. It was a father/daughter trip - and no I don't care how old you are, there can always be father/daughter trips.

Charlotte was beautiful, we went to the Mint Museum of Arts and Crafts - which was really cool - no knitting, though. And Charlotte was a really nice city. I was a little worried though - in two days of walking through downtown, by the courthouse, jail, and city/county buildings, I did not see one homeless person. I realize that working with the homeless makes me more sensitive to this. But a city of 600,000 probably has homeless somewhere...

Most of these photos are from the green in the center of the city - very nice public art! And a photo of me, my dad, my godfather and an old friend. The sign is for a dear family friend who we missed on the trip - he has bone marrow cancer - he was with us in spirit!

I made a pair of mittens in the last two weeks to remember this sweet 16 run - far better then any t-shirt. The right says Cougs and the left 2008. They are made with NatureSpun on size one needles. The design was from Latvian Mittens - graph 96, the pattern was improvised.

The socks are finally finished - they are fearless fiber yarn with a pattern from Favorite Socks. I love the socks and the pattern. For whatever reason, it took my forever to weave the ends in and finish them!

Okay, that is all for this post - more soon!
Happy Knitting!!

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