Monday, August 13, 2007

Super quick update

So I was planning on playing on Ravelry today, updating my blog and doing some knitting before I had to leave. But a cold KO'd me today and now I am just doing a super quick update.

So for starters, I bought this yarn from knitboy1 during his stash sale. He made it and it was packaged so well, I just had to show it off.

Then we have my school girl knee socks and vinnland socks that are getting packed up for plane knitting. Slowly but surely, the second socks are coming along.

Finally, there is an in-progress of mr.sunneshine's stocking. It is from IK's holiday 2006 mag. This one is turning out substantially larger then it was supposed to. Which really is fine - mr.sunneshine usually had a pile under his stocking because his last one was a little skimpy. So now he will have
a super-sized one for his treats. I am using philosopher's wool to knit this with and it is a treat to work with. I think I am going to adapt some flower patterns from Poetry in Stitches for my stocking. They won't match, but I never like doing the same project a second time :)

Happy Knitting!!


Jana said...

Holey moley, that stocking looks ambitious! It's coming out great though, I like the knee socks too.

KnitXcorE said...

Wow @ your fair isle skillz!