Thursday, August 23, 2007

My virtual vacation...

I would like to send a HUGE Thank You to my Virtual Vacation Swap Spoiler Sharon! Not only did I get a quick tour of her hometown, Philadelphia, I also got a history lesson, Tasty C
Kakes (umm, no some of them are not gone in the photos - what are you implying...), stitch markers, soap (Mint that she made and chocolate, made by her friend Lisa), beautiful handspun yarn, and so much more!! Sharon really spoiled me - Thank you so much!!

Just to be on my soap box for a moment, I would really like to thank Sharon for being green in her packaging. Some of it was recycled, all of it was beautiful! And on that same note, I love boxes where people really think about the box and spend their dollars wisely, and give an amazing gift. Sharon sent me an amazing knitty pattern - that I had never seen - which is sooo cool... As soon as the stockings are done, there will be felting...

Finally the last photo shows the colors of the stocking yarns. I am on a stocking terror right now and the color that she sent me, will be beautiful with the colors that I had started working with. I am going to finish my dad's girlfriend's stocking, then add her beautiful lavender pink to my stocking's colors.

Thank you so much Sharon - I love everything!!

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elizabeth marley said...

Such a good box! I live in Philadelphia, where can I get me some Philadelphia soap?