Monday, April 06, 2009

Things I am proud of...

And one thing that I am excited about - but I purchased it, so no need to be proud. Let's start with that one - the Susan Bates sock needle sets with 000, 00, 0 and 1 needles all bundled for a better price. They are jones-ing to start on a new pair of fair isle mitts with some sale jade cashmere, I purchased last week... That's another story, that my husband doesn't know.

Then there is the Cleo sock from the Woolgirl sock club - I am not worried about spoiling, since everyone I know in the club has finished theirs already. It is a fun knit - takes some concentration, but isn't really difficult - its beautiful, though!
Finally, we have my new Double Point storage . For $15.00 - I found these little clear vials at the science supply store down the street - cut up some pretty paper that I had - added some fun labels that I had and changed their centers to numbers - to mark the US size of the needle. They are not really full yet - but it got all the needles off the stitch marker table - YEAH! And I am very please with how they look. I am feeling a little "Friend" today (you know who you are - wink). Now I will not have to search through the knitting bag and measure every needle to distinguish between a two and a three....
Happy KNitting!!

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