Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here are some FO's finally!

Soooo, see there really has been knitting. Two pairs of socks - and I don't think I showed my cashmere knee highs here, but they are on ravelry. The green and purple socks are my first opal socks - such pretty patterned yarn, the other set is the peppermint patty kit from Woolgirl - they are really pretty but the pattern was really picky (and I gave up on the feet and just knit them - I liked the yarn patterning better in the plain).

Then there are all the mitts. Two complete sets that are gifts and 2.5 unfinished sets of mitts in cotton. I can now say that I have mastered this pattern! Should have the left overs finished this weekend, which will be nice.

Since I have done so well with getting things done, I went ahead and cast on the large wings shawl from Vivian Hoxbro's book, Shadow Knitting and the Cleopatra socks from the Woolgirl sock club - stay tuned for updates.

I have posted twice in March - a standard that I hope to improve on!
Happy KNitting!

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