Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The brown alpaca mitts

Well, the brown alpaca mitts are finished! I LOVE them... I love them enough that I finished them a week ago and dressed every day last weak to be able to wear them. This week its just too darn warm to be wearing alpaca mitts. Since we are about 50" of snow shy of where we should be, I am hoping for snow - the 60 degree weather can come back in April.

So with every triumph, there is a challenge. I bought this amazing cashmere yarn from Woolgirl. When I spun it, the ball was huge. So in the true thought of luxury, I decide to make knee socks. The pattern is simple - the yarn amazing!! However, as I got close to the ankle, I realized that there is not nearly enough to have pure cashmere feet - however, this may be okay, I am not sure how durable the cashmere yarn is - there is only 20% wool. So now I am mixing it with a similar but darker color of interlacements sock yarn to finish off the feet. Just a few more inches to go...

Happy KNitting!!

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