Sunday, July 15, 2007


I finally finished my Socks for Soldiers legs this morning (the legs were knit by another woman and I turned the heel and did the feet). A size 12 mens foot is a lot of knitting!! But definately worth it for the cause... These will be washed tonight, then sent to Oklahoma to be dyed black, then sent to Ohio to be put in a box to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. It feels really good having comleted something with so little time to knit lately!!

Then there was this wonderful package that came in the mail yesterday from Jana - my coffee swap pal! She made the anklet - which fits perfectly!! And sent me this beautiful CD - which you can't tell, but it is in my stereo - mr.sunneshine and I listened to it during dinner last night. Thank Jana!!

Things are getting crazy around here with sidewalk sale coming up :) Lots more work then play - but it really is all worth it in the end! I have been lurking around blogs - but there hasn't been much commenting - as soon as things settle down, I will be back to my normal opinionated self - just bear with me a bit!!


white oak studio said...

Hi Sunne, I'm so glad the anklet fits. I LOVE anklets and live in them from May to Sept.

And hope you like the cd - I think her music is amazing - I love it.


SpinalCat said...

Heh. My "little" brother has size 14 feet. He's definitely not getting any socks for X-mas.

a friend to knit with said...

Sunne, that is so cool that someone feet will be kept warm by socks you must be a great feeling!

cool anklet!

Secret Knitter said...

That is so Great of you knitting socks for soilders!