Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And October flies by...

My first week at Craftsy was great. A little overwhelming, like any new job, but such a wonderful place to be!

Since I was starting a new position, it only seems apt that I would begin several new projects. Some of them small, like the Bronntanas hat by Ysolda. Made with Shibui Maai - it feels like heaven.

Some of them larger, like the Amanda sweater from Essentially Feminine Knits by Lene Holme Samsoe. It is an aran sweater, that I am making out of some rustic Blackwater Abbey from my stash. This is part of the Fringe and Friends KAL. Taking after many of the Fringe's friends who are adjusting the sweater, I am adjusting mine as well. It is being knit in one piece for the body and sleeves in the round. This means that the body is being knit on three needles the button bands on a size 5 and the fronts and back on a size 6 needle. I have been enjoying the challenge.

However, as often happens in life when many new things are happening, I realized at inch 5, that I had forgotten to add buttonholes on my button bands. 

This felt like a good time to rip down a few stitches, without taking out my cables and ribbing. Here are my photos of this process - first, I pulled down the three stitches for the buttonhole - two will be bound off, one was the anchor stitch for the bind off.

Next I worked the first button hole row, then using the e cast on, re-cast on the two stitches for the top of the button hole.

One at a time, I pulled my stitches up to the top of the band.

And we are back to the stitches all being back at the top. After a few more rows of knitting, the stitches are new sitting much more evenly.

Next post, I will show you shawl surgery involving steeking a cable shawl that I made last year. Leaving you with a selfie, I took with my grandmother this past weekend, when we were celebrating her 95th birthday.

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