Sunday, December 29, 2013

Work with wool day...

Today was work with wool day at the Meyer house.

I started making a Pendleton wool bag. The fabric was a splurge from my Christmas money. I still have more fabric to use. Today's projects was a great overnight size tote.

Then I moved on to cowls. There is one in the beautiful black and gray plaid Pendleton shirting with a black cotton backing lengthened by the very last if my wood print dots from Nani Iro's double gauze. The other cowl is from four fat quarters bought at Fancy Tiger on sale in September. I had struggled with the way to join them. Today with Olfa cutter in hand, it all came together. Very happy with the blue/gray/green/plaid combination and its very warm even with the black cotton backing.

Good warm projects for a cold day.

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