Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet Jordan

This is Jordan - our foster lab. He is wonderful, well behaved, loves to be pet and walked and generally a joy to be around. He will infringe on my knitting time, but with a face like that, it is hard to hold him responsible. We are really enjoying him!

Happy KNitting!

Monday, April 13, 2009

One more reason to try on as you go...

Please excuse the not so great cell phone photos. I was so proud of my sock, I decided to try it on... Then I realized, that being the tight purler that I am, it was too small... So the lovely ball of yellow yarn is now the yellow sock. I have re-cast on - it will be easier the next time around, right? Next time, I will try it on much more often... And I jumped up a needle size as well!

Happy KNitting!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Things I am proud of...

And one thing that I am excited about - but I purchased it, so no need to be proud. Let's start with that one - the Susan Bates sock needle sets with 000, 00, 0 and 1 needles all bundled for a better price. They are jones-ing to start on a new pair of fair isle mitts with some sale jade cashmere, I purchased last week... That's another story, that my husband doesn't know.

Then there is the Cleo sock from the Woolgirl sock club - I am not worried about spoiling, since everyone I know in the club has finished theirs already. It is a fun knit - takes some concentration, but isn't really difficult - its beautiful, though!
Finally, we have my new Double Point storage . For $15.00 - I found these little clear vials at the science supply store down the street - cut up some pretty paper that I had - added some fun labels that I had and changed their centers to numbers - to mark the US size of the needle. They are not really full yet - but it got all the needles off the stitch marker table - YEAH! And I am very please with how they look. I am feeling a little "Friend" today (you know who you are - wink). Now I will not have to search through the knitting bag and measure every needle to distinguish between a two and a three....
Happy KNitting!!