Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sorry Somehow...

Okay, so last weekend with Mr.sunneshine away mountain biking - it was time to cast on a bunch of new projects. In the photo, you can see three pairs of socks and a washcloth were started - there was also one shopping bag that didn't make the picture. So through the week, I did finish the 7 Deadly spins socks - I thought the pattern was going to be a drag, but really ended up loving it!! As soon as I kitchner the toe, they will be posted. I am working on the hemp shopping bag and other socks still...

On a happy note, I am almost done with the washcloth - and my grandma is back knitting washcloths for all her friends!! Yippee!! I am sending her another 6 skeins of cotton - she lives in a tiny town and can only find acrylic (ick). Its just such a good thing, that she is feeling like knitting again!

On to the PRGE contest - Valeria, your song is Sorry Somehow by Husker Du (with an umlat over the u that I can't get my computer to write...) Its an oldie but goodie! Sorry it took me so long to post it!

Happy KNitting!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Spoiled by Cheryl!!

Thank You KnittingKnut! I got an amazing package today from Cheryl - it was beautifully wrapped - an amazing gift all the way around! There were really interesting pyramid teas - cola flavored jelly bellies (yum!!) - an octopus necklace - very punk - black cascade and purple multi noro for the tree beret hat pattern, and green smooshy sock yarn for the leafing sock pattern! A very earthday box -- I am feeling very spoiled! Thank You Cheryl! I have to get back to my knitting, so I can get to these new projects!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Bucaneer Booty Socks

I was inspired by the Punk Rock Knitters and Jules to try the Bucaneer Booty Socks. They were a fast and fun knit. I used the last of my Nature Spun from my mittens in the last post. I will have to say I love how they turned out. I did knit them a little big, hoping that since they are wool, they will felt a little as I wear them. (I'll let ya know if it actually happens!) And they are displayed on my new cedar sock blockers from Fearless Fibers. More on the blockers and the amazing Deb and Fearless Fibers in the next post...

Happy KNitting!!