Saturday, November 15, 2008

Merlot mitts and almost hat

Mr.sunneshine and I left for a long weekend last weekend. We were going wine tasting, so I decided it was the perfect chance to make the pink and burgandy mitts that had popped into my head. I had some of Vicki Howells silk bamboo that I had purchase, that was begging to be knit so with the pattern from the Majolica childrens sweater in a Fall 2006 IK, I had the mitts finished before we arrived at our destination. They have been worn for a solid week - I forgot to photograph them earlier, oops. Thankfully, I brought another project, too.

I kept looking at all the left over yarn and decided to make a hat with a whimsical pattern to go with the mitts. It looks like, with two skeins of each color, I will just barely finish it :) And as an added bonus, it matches my Northface jacket from last year...

And the trip, was relaxing and wonderful. We rented bikes, rode through town, saw some friends and just decompressed...

Happy KNitting!

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