Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween is almost here!

This is just a quickee...

I finished a market bag this morning - it is a hybrid pattern, and I love it! I have learned a good market bag lesson, though. This projects are darn hard to frog - so they should not travel with me, where my attention could be less or a couple stitches will escape. There are a couple lines where the stitches weren't perfect due to these type circumstances... However, my other experience with these types of bags is that they will stretch and bend and the mistakes will pretty much go away with use. And honestly, for a grocery bag - I will take these over a cloth/paper whole foods or safeway bag any day - mistakes and all!!

I pulled out the Halloween bin today! Its fun to have a few decorations up! And apparently we have an affinity for Halloween candles... I will be working on my costume all day tomorrow - yeah!! The kids come to our offices to trick-or-treat at work... I can't wait!!

Happy KNitting!!

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DAWN said...

How much fun to have the kids come to your office!! love that idea. Keeps everyone young, no?