Monday, February 25, 2008

My time away...

So while I was away with my grandmother there were two overriding themes. Mittens and socks. Today, I am showing off my mittens.

The top two are my favorites. Both took a while, but I am so happy with how they came out! The first was an adaption of a sweater from The Art of Fair Isle Knitting. I really loved Eunny Jang's end paper mitts, but didn't care for the pattern (and couldn't get the charts to print), so I adapted the pattern with my Favorite Mittens book for hints.
Those turned out so well, I took some drops alpaca and adapted a chart from Latvian mittens into mitts. They feel like cashmere, and what doesn't go with black. These used a lot less yarn then I thought, so these colors will pop up again!

I was having so much fun talking to my grandma and knitting, that she decided she wanted some mittens. I let her pick the colors and pattern and we came up with a really traditional mitten shape with an EZ snowflake design and the backs were improvised. She looks so cute wearing them!

Then I was on a roll, and at the old job, I wore mitts constantly - so I made a handspun pair, a cabled pair for my mom, and the WCTP mittens just cuz I have wanted them for a long time. Now that I am back to working, the knitting has slowed down. But I love my job, and once I am settled, I know the time will come back!

Oh, and let me mention, as soon as I got on the good mitten roll - it warmed up in Colfax and there was no snow to shovel and really very little need for mitts or mittens. Now that I am home, its been the same. Although, I think the weatherman is going to cool it down for me a bit this week!

Okay, back to housework...
Happy Knitting!!


pseudobunny said...

Too cute.
My granny just came here to go to a knit fete with my two aunts and they never called me.
SO SAD. Oh well.
I gots me my PRGE girls and my ravelry girls and well I think y'all may be a little better.
Just a little.

kasiaiscarly said...

I really, really like the black and white fingerless mitts!

Jana said...

Gosh Darn Global Warming! I swear it's endangering our opportunities to wear knitwear. I'm concerned about the environment, I am, but I'm really concerned about running out of times to wear this stuff too. It's a situation.

LesleyD said...

Wow Sunne! Those are great hun!!! I love them!!!

LesleyD said...

Wow Sunne! Those are great hun!!! I love them!!!


I'm loving all of those mitts! They are rockin!

Wendy said...

Beautiful endpapers!!!