Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blocking stockings...

Mubs made it through surgery and through the night. Thank you everyone for your prayers and well-wishes!! I talked to her for a minute this morning, she was kinda cranky and not feeling well from all the drugs. I took cranky as a good sign - she has a sparky spirit. They are only keeping her in the hospital for 4 days, so I am just waiting to see how things go today - to see if I fly back to see her Sunday and Monday. She has such great friends where she lives, they are all stepping up to help her, which is so comforting since we all live far away. By Sunday, she will be surrounded with family as well. If you could please keep her in your prayers, I would be so grateful!

And on a lighter note, I leave you with the first batch of stockings blocking. Three of these will be send to Omaha tomorrow!

Happy KNitting!!


Rachel said...

Your stockings look really wonderful and Im glad your grandmother is ok.


kasiaiscarly said...

I'm glad your grandma is doing well. I LOVE the 2nd stocking from the bottom. . it's my favorite!

Jana said...

I hope Mubs feels better soon! Cranky is a very good sign, it means theres fight in there and that takes strength, which is good.

The stockings look awesome. You should be very proud!